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This culture historical "frottage" is an artistic reminder of the liberating and deeply doubt-evoking act of the Freudian turn, namely that everything what gains sense in the sign is not the movement of sense itself, but that of alternating meanings, a re-determination of the sign from the past history. The presence of unclosed and non-fulfilled alternatives in relation of the emerging sign is a pioneering idea of the Freudian psychoanalysis. "Interpretation comes fully untied in sense relations, and will understand the force relations (Verdragung, Wiederkehr des Verdrangten) only through these sense relations (Zensur, Entstellung, Verdichtung, Verschiebung)." )

P. Riceur - Die Psychoanalyse und die Kultur der Gegenwart in u. o.

Hermeneutik und Psychoanalyse. Der Konflikt der Interpretationen II. Kosel V. 1974. p. 65).

Leslie Sacks Fine Art Los Angeles