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Quite common is when a painter traces the pictures of one-time artists to learn from them, to crib their secrets, to employ their knowledge for this own picture making fantasy. It could be quite common; but Horkay traces not Leonardo or Rubens, but a text, namely the first handwritten page of Freud's Entwurf einer Psychologie (1985), the mode how Freud's hand was writing, how he transformed the thought into a tangle of signs and letters.

On the write surface (all-permitting and resistant at the same time) the Freudian text appears as a kind of a culture historical frottage - if I may use this term in a somewhat figurative sense after Max Ernst. The text does not mean simply itself; it is hardly eligible. The meaning of the picture is born from an "injury" to the tangle of words. The never re-whitenable surface is penetrated by colors; constancy is re-achieved, since the retraced (frottage), and all written artpiaces lose permanency with advancing time.